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Ravi Kalra
Ravi Kalra
Social Activist and Founder of The Earth Saviours Foundation
o How to step out of your comfort zone?

o Explore a selfless journey towards humanity.

o How to embrace a community and cause, despite lack of support?

o Working as an NGO and sticking to your purpose.
Radha Rani
Fitness & Yoga Expert and Entrepreneur
o Discover your relationship with your body

o Developing a right mix of mind, body and soul

o Why do we need yoga when we are receiving the necessary food and nutrition?

o Discovering and falling in love with your true purpose of life.
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson
Leadership Expert, Coach, and Author
o How to achieve positive transformation under pressure?

o How to transform into your Extraordinary Self despite complexities, challenges, and limitations?

o How to develop your inner game and how to focus on it?

o What is process of identifying your true purpose?"
Puja Marwaha
Puja Marwaha
CEO - Child Rights and You (CRY)
o What it's like to follow your heart?

o Switching from corporate to the social sector.

o How to lead an organization?

o Why children should be put in centre stage for decision making?
Gururaj Deshpande
Gururaj Deshpande
Venture Capitalist, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur
o How childhood shapes your entrepreneurial journey?

o Truth about an entrepreneur's work-life balance

o Advice to entrepreneurs as an Entrepreneur

o Advice to entrepreneurs as an Investor
Candace Lightner
Candace Lightner
Award Winning Speaker, Educator, Activist, and Consultant
o How to retain strength, retain, and grit when you choose a difficult battle?

o Being practical while not being lost by emotion.

o How to build camaraderie to support a common cause?

o How to manage a volunteer ecosystem and build an organization from grassroots?
Dr Richard Barrett
Dr. Richard Barrett
Author, Thought Influencer, and Advisor on Culture and Values
o The process to figuring out the flow of life.

o How to develop clarity of thought?

o How to build your own creative process?

o Essential ingredients to develop 'Consistency'
Dr Oleg Konovalov
Dr. Oleg Konovalov
Global Thought Leader, Author, TEDx Speaker
o How to build organizational leadership?

o How to construct your vision?

o How to define your purpose while you stay with your authentic Self?

o How to remain fearless while treading on a new exploration?
Dr. Marilyn Atkinson
Master Coach and Human Resources Specialist
o How to become a world-class Coach?

o How to implement the Happiness Success Model in your life?

o How to thrive in what you choose to become across all paradigms of life?

o Real-life stories for transformative personality development.
Manoj Kohli
Manoj Kohli
Country Head, Softbank India
o How to find balance during times of conflict?

o What does it take and mean to master the art of corporate leadership?

o What does it mean to get comfortable with uncomfortable?

o How to encourage and co-exist with conflict while you emerge as a leader?
Dr. Neetu Bhushan
Emotional Health & Wellness Advocate
o How to stitch your own story that inspires the world?

o How to find the inner power and grit?

o Being vulnerable and sailing through difficult times.

o How to realize the power of your story?
Dr Jim Garrison
Dr. Jim Garrison
Founder and President of Ubiquity University
o What is being human mean to you?

o Why do you need meditation for mindfulness?

o How to respect your body and what to do about it?

o Learn about the principle of Gaia to the oneness of humanity and motherhood to practical life.
Rajesh Ramakrishnan
Rajesh Ramakrishnan
Managing Director at Perfetti Van Melle India
o What are the values that drive Leadership?

o Preparing yourself to raise the bar and increase challenge

o Building an organizational culture to invite great minds among millennial

o Creating synergies between work and rest of the life
Brian Lehnahan
Brian Lenahan
CEO - Aquitaine Innovation Advisors
o How to use technology to transform your life for better?

o How to approach artificial intelligence and get comfortable with it?

o Befriending technology for business transformation.

o Finding ways to bring peace in your life with technology.
Patrick Hamilton Walsh
Patrick Hamilton Walsh
Chief Talent and Operations Officer, Tuutti Frutti Strategies
o How to step out of the victim zone and celebrate life?

o Ways to pull yourself out of self-sympathy.

o How to help yourself transform and transcend into a higher plane of life?

o How does the path of goal-oriented self-realization look like?
Parth Bhatt
Parth Bhatt
UN Institution Alumnus
o Setting up a unique path for yourself and taking pride

o How to remain focused as a teenager?

o Waiting for defining moments to transform the world as a youngster

o How to make the most out of the teenage years?
Jules Goddard
Jules Goddard
Independent Higher Education Professional
o How to implement self-ownership in your life?

o Different notions of self-ownership

o Defining and finding meaning of success and purpose

o How to seize the moment for a better future?
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