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Gaurav Arora

Founder - xMonks

Host and Curator - Coaching Matters

Gaurav has a decade of rich experience as a Facilitator, Coach, and Speaker, with a strong track record of building high-performing leadership teams. As a facilitator, he has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation, and individual creativity.

As an Executive Coach, he works to dismantle barriers that come up at the workplace for leaders and help them in fulfilling their intent. A storyteller by heart, he leverages various methodologies and techniques to put his point across and create a breakthrough.

Ontology has influenced his work in a big way and his work is aligned with some of his highest values of authenticity, creativity, collaboration, continuous learning, and innovation.

Gaurav founded xMonks (previously Inspire Coaching Systems) in 2009 and started a social development initiative “iOwn”. He launched “Coaching Matters”, the only webinar series in India, that brings an opportunity for every aspiring and practicing Coach to thrive in the real world.

About Us

Don’t let your assumptions define you. Be driven by choices that provide experience and teach you. When you set out to discover what you really care for by identifying your purpose and living from that space,  you have access to Gaurav’s podcast, “The xMonks Drive”.  

It’s about beginning the journey to be your best self and live what you really care for! 

Hear Gaurav’s personal selection of his interviews with thought-leaders, social change makers, masterful coaches, spiritual gurus, entrepreneurs as well as business giants, who are doing something meaningful in their life. With this extensive selection of episodes featuring insightful lessons, you can learn a great deal while listening to the podcast when you are in between activities or a daily workout.

Get started today by choosing an episode that helps illuminate your path to identify your purpose and live from that space!

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