Gaurav Arora

3 Lessons From 3 Important Women (Mother's Day Special)

3 Lessons From 3 Important Women (Mother’s Day Special)

Gaurav Arora

Master Coach, Facilitator and founder of xMonks

About Gaurav

Gaurav has a decade of rich experience in the professional services industry as a Facilitator, Coach and Speaker, with a strong track record of building high-performing leadership teams. As a facilitator, he has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual creativity. As an Executive Coach, he works to dismantle barriers that come up in the workplace for leaders and help them in fulfilling their intent. A storyteller by heart, he leverages various methodologies and technique to put his point across and create the breakthrough.

He founded Inspire Coaching Systems in 2009, now known as xMonks and started a social development initiative “iOwn” in 2016, which is a platform to connect coaches with Social Development Sector to create possibilities and transformation for the change makers and bringing coaching to the grass root level.

Gaurav is an Engineer and a Management Graduate in Marketing. He is a recipient of the “Young HR Professional of the Year 2009-10” by Employer Branding Institute and has been awarded as the 100 top Leadership Coach in 2017. Recently, Gaurav has been honored with the 2019 ICF Young Leader Award. Gaurav is a voracious reader and loves adventure sports. In his free time, he does calligraphy, painting, and reads books.


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1) One important lesson from my mother
2) Message from my teacher, Dr.Marilyn Atkinson
3) Lesson from my sister.

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Episode Transcript:

00:04 God cannot be present everywhere. And thus, mothers were made. You would have heard me talking about my mother on several occasions. 00:15 And if you know me, I've lived my life quite courageously, because I know my mother's blessings are always there for me. And nothing bad can happen to me. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the podcast, the ex monks tribe. I'm your host, Guatemala. And today's episode is quite special for me, for a couple of reasons. Reason number one, it's Mother's Day special. And I believe mothers are common, and should be celebrated. Reason number two, we don't have a guest today. So it's kind of an experiment for me. So let's see how it goes. 01:05 Two days back, somebody called me up and asked, he got up. What are the lessons that you have learned from women in your life? As I was reflecting, it didn't take me a long time to come up with the three most important lessons in my life, that continue to shape me and guide me helping in all areas of my life. 01:33 Whether I'm dealing with my parents illness these days, or my day to day conversations with my team members, that could be really difficult at times, or while I'm interacting and dealing with people we serve. Let me talk about the three most important lessons that I've learned from three most important women in my life. So I'm going to talk about one lesson that I've learned from my mother. One lesson that I've learned from my teacher, Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, and one lesson that I've learned from my sister. Let's start with one lesson that I've learned from my mother. And this lesson continues to be very important for me. Now, before we even talk about that lesson, let me share this one small chapter of my life and take you to the year 2014. It was one of those evenings, I came back home. And my mother, as usual, was 02:38 working in the kitchen. And she was making good. By the way, let me tell you, my mother probably makes the best code in the world. God is made by mixing a yogurt starter with warm milk and allowed to ferment for some hours. 02:58 I'm sure you know this. Now during the entire process, she was reciting. Why? Why guru? Why guru? Why guru? Why he guru? And then I was watching my mother. And I asked my mother that's what I call my mother by the way. What are you doing? Um, it's such a simple process. Yeah. You just have to pour warm milk in the pan and leave it for a few hours and the code would be really why are you bothering why Guru for such a small task I loved while she was doing what she was doing, she looked at me and said, go look. That's what she calls me. Watch it, but I can Macaca Renu and machi SMA like matcha Yeah. Okay, whatever is happening, that God is coming. Because of me. This is my way of expressing chakra and my way of expressing gratitude to the universe. And at no point in time it should appear to me that it has happened because of you know, that stayed with me that sentence that it's not happening because of me. Would you Esther Laguna and he that it has happened because of me. And the last few years my mother has gone through excruciatingly painful times, medically. And especially for someone who has always kept herself engaged to serve others and do household shows. With so much of love and care and service. I'm sure it must not have been easy for her. There have been times when it was extremely difficult for her to get up from her bed and use the washroom but never. I mean, not even for a moment obviously In Hatha blaming for everything, and instead during those times also, she has taught me a lot of chakra markers called chakra markers. She's been a role model to me for what it means to be resilient, what it means to have patience and live, what it means to be grateful in life. So number one lesson that I've learned, which is and continues to be the most important lesson that I've learned in my life is should be grateful for everything that's happening around you. It is how it is, accept things the way they are. Because there's a bigger purpose that I might not be 05:46 able to connect right now. Number two lessons that I've learned from Dr. Melina Atkinson, you're not my mother has given birth to me, as a human being. Similarly, Dr. Melon Atkinson, my teacher, she has given birth to the professional 06:08 I am. I've said it on several occasions, if not for her, I would not have been where 06:16 I am today. She has taught me courage. I remember, in those days, when I started coaching, I was one of the youngest in that room full of people who came together to learn from the master herself. I remember very vividly, the average experience of people in that room was more than my age. And I so felt out of the place was dealing with known insecurities and fears. And above that coaching was not at all making any sense to me. I was crying. I mean, literally, I had tears in my eyes. Because as I said, I could not figure out how coaching works. And I was relentlessly trying to make some sense out of those questions, those frameworks. Those models, those sessions. And I remember one of those afternoons, she came to me and said, graph, that's how she calls me. Good off one day, you will make one of the finest coaches in the country. I don't know. What did she seen me? You know, sometimes people can see him you that you're not been able to see 07:34 in yourself. And that very moment, something shifted. And then she said, Whatever you do, or dream to begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. That's a quote by William Murray. So if I were to say one thing that I've learned from Dr. Melanie Atkinson, I would say that's definitely courage. Just begin it. 08:11 And the third most important woman in my life is my sister. I remember she's always treated me like always. I mean, she loves me like a son. I don't remember. I mean, not even once that she said no to me for anything in my life. 08:32 She would work hard. She'll dig tutions and ensure that I get what I wanted. We have a gap of around seven to eight years. And I've always seen her living and talking about 08:45 generosity. She will tell me go off. If you have it, give it to someone who needs that. She's extremely generous in all her interactions, not only with the family members, not only with her friends, but I guess with strangers as well. I've always seen her extended, extending her hand to support others. Now when I'm talking about my learnings from these three different women in my life, the first one is chakra. The second one is courage. And the third one is being generous. Now the question is, how do I apply them in my life, both in my personal and professional space. I make a sincere attempt to live from a space of chakra every moment. It has become a part of my life, my daily practice for as simple as the food that I eat. For as simple as spending time with my parents. For as simple as the breath that I take, for things that I do for my professional life, the people that I get to interact with the friends that I have. I believe everything that I do in terms of leading sessions, coaching others, or serving others, or leading a team 10:23 or running a business, it's a blessing. It's a grace that has been bestowed onto me to express your glamour. I ensure others, that they should pick up this practice of expressing Chiclana. The second one is be courageous, not take risk, do some experiments, trust others. Invest on people. Identity people that it requires a lot of courage to take a stand for someone you genuinely care for. Take a stand for somebody. Others might not even understand why you're doing what you're doing. They might not be able to see your intentions. And they might doubt you. They might not trust you. Still do it. You're not doing it for them, you're doing it for yourself. And remember, you have been a chosen one. So delta yourself. Boldness has the genius has the power and the magic in it. Just begin it now. And when universe has been so kind to you, and you have been given so much, be generous. That this kindness you know, I tell people show Karana inaction is equal to serve this. Stretch your hand and serve others. All of us are going through our own respective journeys. So the least you could do is be generous to those people. Be kind, forgive more. You never know where they're coming from, what they have suffered in their lives, and the journey that they are going through in their lives. If you have something to offer, give it to someone who might need it more than you. Let's live a life of chakra and continue to express our gratitude in everything we do. Everyone we meet in all situations. I'm going to leave you with one question today. What do you think is the role your model has played in your life? What are the lessons that you have learned from three most important women in your life? And how would you express your chakra now? By the way, as I said, models are common. Please do express my chakra now to your model for me. Please do leave a comment and rate this podcast and help me serve you better. Looking forward to meeting you next week with another interesting conversation. Till then. Stay tuned. Let's celebrate models. Let's celebrate humanity

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