Brain Lehanan

Taking Control of your life with Technology

Brain Lehanan

Taking Control of your life with Technology

Brian Lenahan

CEO – Aquitaine Innovation Advisors

About Brian

MIT-trained speaker, author, consultant, and mentor in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Brian has authored four books on AI including “Artificial Intelligence: Foundations for Business Leaders and Consultants“, releasing his new book in September 2020 titled “Deep Health: Using Artificial Intelligence to Live Longer and Healthier”. The new book illustrates the power of AI in analyzing vast amounts of data about one person: you.

He was recently named AI Advisor at Halton Regional Innovation Center in Burlington, Ontario, and at Hamilton’s Innovation Factory. Brian is also an AI Instructor with McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Brian’s fifth book, Quantum Boost, offers insights into the world of quantum computing and its myriad applications. Quantum Computing Applications is due out in early 2021.

Take home these learnings

1) How to use technology to transform your life for the better?

2) How to approach artificial intelligence and get comfortable with it?

3) Befriending technology for business transformation.

4) Finding ways to bring peace in your life with technology.

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