Meet The Curator Master Coach
Founder - xMonks
Gaurav Arora

I needed The xMonks Drive

more than anyone

During the 2020 lockdown, I was in the middle of a burnout. I was looking for an opportunity to step out. Breathe fresh air and talk to people. Just like you, I could not do it like before. Conversations are the spirit of my profession. The numbing stillness got me thinking. I needed just that one conversation that could flush back some inspiration back into me. I was looking for just that one dose, during those deserted moments.

I scheduled my first conversation just to hear their story from the beginning. How was their childhood? What inspired them? What values defined them? How do they define success? What was leadership to them? And a lot more…

One after the other, these conversations kept happening. They went to build a consortium of wisdom. They articulated those defining moments, turning points and melting points that transformed their lives. All I did was to stay curious and know more.

What I received from them could not be held in my audio library. It was worth more than that. I knew that there are more people like me who are deserted. And, they too need these conversations to satiate their thirst for inspiration.

My intention and life philosophy could have been fulfilled only by this podcast—The xMonks Drive.


Keep Growing. Keep Inspiring.

When I'm not at the podcast,

I'm busy at

An Ecosystem that brings to you world’s leading warrior monks in their respective streams for personal transformation and leadership development.

A FREE webinar series to support the global coaching community with untold wisdom, industry experience, personal expertise around coaching from experts.

An annual international conference that brings well-curated cross-functional speakers and the greatest coaching minds on a single platform.

More about me until now...

I began my journey as a Coach with a goal to get better every day.

I’m Gaurav Arora, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I was associated as the president of ICF Hyderabad Chapter, the only Chartered Chapter. I challenged myself to raise the bar which made me lead many initiatives for the chapter between 2012 and 2015. 

In 2010, I was humbled to receive the “Young HR Professional of the Year 2009-10” by Employer Branding Institute, popularly known as GRV. I co-founded Inspire Coaching Systems, a professional training and coaching company in 2009 with the mission to inspire myself, and others to live upto our own expectations. I am very passionate about life and what I do.

I also got trained for Facilitation Skills, and Large Scale Integration Process (LSIP).

I have been a part of the steering team of SHRM Gurgaon forum since December 2009, where I led initiatives to create awareness, and organize monthly forum meetings regularly.

I love connecting with people who are passionate for life. I personally believe God has been kind to me by blessing me with a superb family, wonderful friends, and this beautiful life. I personally believe the time is JUST RIGHT, the moment I have made a COMMITMENT to myself.

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