MR Rangaswami

Inspiring Generations to build communities for the Greater Good

Inspiring Generations to build communities for the Greater Good

MR Rangaswami

Founder Indiaspora Forum

About MR

M.R. (Madhavan) Rangaswami is a software executive, investor, entrepreneur, corporate eco-strategy expert, community builder, and philanthropist. Recognized as a software business expert, M.R. participated in the rapid expansion of the Silicon Valley software industry during his tenure as an executive at both large and small software companies. In 1997, M.R. co-founded Sand Hill Group, an investment and consulting group which made several notable investments, produced the Enterprise and Software conference series, and launched, an online resource for software business strategy. In 2007, M.R. founded the Corporate Eco Forum, an organization dedicated to improving the effectiveness of eco-strategies at Global 500 companies. In 2012 he founded Indiaspora to unite Indian Americans and to transform their success into meaningful impact in India and on the global stage.

Take home these learnings

1) Small steps to get started with Philanthropy, right away

2) Ways to inspire your next generations for the greater good.

3) Nuances of network-driven community building

4) Building a professional team to support your community’s vision

5) Using your network to fundraise for the greater good.

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