Malti Bhojwani

Live in Joy; Die with Dignity

Live in Joy; Die with Dignity

Malti Bhojwani

Coach, facilitator, author

About Malti

Malti Bhojwani is a professional coach, self awareness author and facilitator of transformation. She applies her years of experience in the personal development business to a wide range of individuals, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs all over the world as they navigate change. Malti is a trained and certified professional PCC coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation).

She has completed courses in NLP and Ontological Coaching (Newfield), Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools, Facilitating Through Values with Corporate Evolutions, Foundations in Neuroscience, and is a graduate of GBA – Gita Bellin & Associates as a lead facilitator of transformation. She is also trained in Yoga and Somatic work, which teaches people how to modify their ideas and emotions by changing how they hold their bodies.


Take home these learnings

1) Exploring how people leave their survival instinct.
2) Understanding how to give up blame, shame, and guilt to reach compassion.
3) Exploring the the birth child of your intuition.
4) Tapping into the space of courage and purpose.

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