Parth Bhatt

Global vision is not a matter of age.

Parth Bhatt

Global vision is not a matter of age.

Parth Bhatt

UN Institution Alumnus

About Parth

Parth Bhatt is a student from India and an alumnus of many prestigious UN institutions like The United Nations Climate Change Learn in Geneva, Switzerland. As a child, he grew with an internal realization that he needs to take part in empowering others in order to make this world a better place to live. He wanted to do more than academics and become a person with practical knowledge and experience. He always followed current issues.

In 2017, Parth was conferred with the coveted AWWA Award of Excellence by wife of Chief of Army Staff of Indian Army for my works in field of Science & Technology and Community Development through Sustainable Development.

I actively participate in Ambassador Series conferences as Official Youth Delegate and have attended many high level diplomatic meetings & conferences with Presidents & Diplomats from many foreign nations in various capacities.

He completed more than 545 courses with organizations like the United Nations, United States Institute of Peace, and Ivy League Universities. In August 2019, he completed Specialized Training in Military Studies from Peace Operations Training Institute USA.

Take home these learnings

1) How to use technology to transform your life for the better?

2) How to approach artificial intelligence and get comfortable with it?

3) Befriending technology for business transformation.

4) Finding ways to bring peace in your life with technology.

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