Prateek Khandelwal

Choosing between Paralysis of Body vs Death of Mind

Choosing between Paralysis of Body vs Death of Mind

Prateek Khandelwal

Founder & Managing Director of RampMyCity, IBTB

About Prateek

Prateek Khandelwal is the Founder & Managing Director of RampMyCity, IBTB. He is also a social entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker. After suffering paraplegia due to a Spinal Cord Injury in 2014, not only have I made a significant recovery, I have found 2 of India’s one of a kind start-ups to improve the quality of living of the physically challenged across the country so that they can participate and contribute fully in the social, cultural, recreational and economic life of India. a) RampMyCity: An accessibility initiative providing inclusivity through ramps and adequate human training. b) IBTB Pvt Ltd: A for-profit social enterprise providing end to end physical accessibility solutions, which are easy to implement yet highly impactful, for Persons with Disability in India in public and private sectors like corporates, big and small hotels, residential societies, educational institutions, events, cab aggregators, cinema halls and similar places of public usage.

Take home these learnings

1) Making tough decisions

2) A practice of living for yourself

3) Finding your spirit in the middle of a crisis

4) Transforming life-threatening situations into inspiring opportunities

5) Building an accessible nation for the inaccessible

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