Spud Marshall

Ways to Build Communities that Thrive

Ways to Build Communities that Thrive

Spud Marshall

Founder of My Creative Community, Author

About Spud

Spud Marshall is a social entrepreneur, community builder, and fog machine enthusiast. He is the founder of My Creative Community, which supports groups in designing engaging experiences for their communities. He works with a variety of organisations, including the Sullivan Foundation, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, as well as Teach for America, the American Planning Association, and Johnson & Johnson, as a facilitator, coach, and consultant. He was the Innovation Director of 3 Dots Downtown, a community art and innovation event facility that he founded. He’s also the originator and driving force behind the co.space, a 20-person intentional community for young changemakers that’s been dubbed one of higher education’s most innovative innovations.

Spud launched New Leaf Initiative, which now acts as a dedicated co-working facility and innovation incubator, prior to those activities. He has been named a Knight Foundation Emerging Cities Champion, as well as one of the country’s top millennial civic leaders and one of central Pennsylvania’s “Foremost Under 40” business leaders. Spud has a master’s degree in strategic sustainability leadership with a very impressive failure track record (contact him if you’re interested). He and his wife, faithful dog, and curious cat currently reside in State College, Pennsylvania.


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1) What is community?
2) Role and traits of a community builder.
3) Difference between a cult and a community.
4) Three important pillars of our community

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