Agapi Stassinopoulos

Tapping Into The Power of Prayers

Tapping Into The Power of Prayers

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Transformational speaker and best-selling author

Agapi Stassinopoulos

AGAPI STASSINOPOULOS is a best-selling author and speaker who inspires audiences around the world. In one of her first books, Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love, she shares the wisdom from her life’s adventures and experiences. In her latest book, Wake Up to the Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life, she takes readers on a journey and inspires them to let go of what doesn’t work and instead create the lives they really want. Agapi was trained in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then moved on to receive her master’s degree in psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Her two books on the Greek archetypes, Gods and Goddesses in Love and Conversations with the Goddesses, were turned into PBS specials.

In her newest book, SPEAKING WITH SPIRIT: 52 Prayers to Guide, Inspire, and Uplift You, Agapi presents a non-denominational guide to harnessing this power of prayer in your life and using it to find connection, peace, and gratitude. She is currently conducting workshops for Thrive Global, a company founded by her sister, Arianna Huffington, to help change the way we work and live. Agapi has spoken and conducted meditations at many organizations and companies including The Today Show, L’Oreal, Accenture, SAP, LinkedIn, Pandora, Google, Nike, Weight Watchers, PepsiCo, Starbucks, Global Citizen Company, Museum of Modern Art, ABC Carpet & Home, Women’s Health Magazine, Paul Mitchell, NYU, Gympass, and Hearst Communications amongst many others such as podcasts with Deepak Chopra, Lewis Howes, Maria Menounous, Sharon Salzberg, and more. She brings home the importance of self-care, practicing gratitude, generosity and self-love to enhance performance and productivity so we can experience happiness and fulfillment. She divides her time between New York and Los Angeles and was born and raised in Athens, Greece. FIND HER online at

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1. Impact of Agapi’s parents on her and Arianna
2. Agapi’s views on the power of prayers
3. Uncovering why we suffer
4. Explaining how you are bigger than your fear

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Episode Transcript:

Intro:// Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the podcast The xMonks Drive. I am your host Gaurav Arora and our today’s guest is AGAPI STASSI-NO-POU-LOS AGAPI is a best-selling author and speaker who inspires audiences around the world. She is a speaker, an Author. In her newest book, SPEAKING WITH SPIRIT: 52 Prayers to Guide, Inspire, and Uplift You, Agapi presents a non-denominational guide to harnessing this power of prayer in your life and using it to find connection, peace, and gratitude. She is currently conducting workshops for Thrive Global, a company founded by her sister, Arianna Huffington, to help change the way we work and live. Today’s episode is very special because It took me almost a year to get Agapi on this show. So, let’s take a dive and see the impact her parents had on her and Ariana, her relationship with life and why did she choose to write a book on prayers. Let’s take a dive and explore the power of prayers. Outro:// Hope you could find some golden nuggets in this episode. I am still pondering and reflecting on my conversation with Agapi. I look forward to listen to your reflections on this podcast. Do leave a comment and rate this podcast and I look forward to meeting you next week with yet another interesting conversation. Till then, take care and stay tuned J 00:02 Thank you so much Agapi, such a pleasure having you here, a sheer honour to have you on the podcast The xMonks Drive. 00:11 Thank you so much, Gaurav. And it's wonderful to reconnect with you, I know that you've worked with my sister Arianna on thrive. And it's so wonderful when our lives come back together, full circle. And so thank you for reaching out. And I love your culture. And I love what the contribution that Indian culture is made to the world. 00:39 Thank you. And it was a great privilege to be associated with Arianna almost like four or five years back. And last year, she introduced me to you and it took us some time to get connected and get going. Agapi, once again, lots and lots of gratitude to you. And especially the words that you used just before this conversation, when you said that let this podcast be in the service of others and the service of humanity. And then let that be the light in service of love. Yes, those words, Those words touched me deeply. It helped me get grounded. Yes. And so much Shukana to you. Agapi, just curious, what does your name mean, Agapi? 01:38 Oh, Agapi means love. It means unconditional love in Greek. And my mother gave it to me as I was born. And I wrote about how I felt in giving me that name, she implanted to me what my purpose was going to be in life was that my life was about love, about unconditional love. And it took me a while to get to that. And now you know, at the later part of my life, I feel that's what I'm here to not teach so much, but live, because I think we teach by example. And we teach by our beingness rather than words, words can be wonderful. But you know, if somebody is thirsty, you can give them a whole book on water. And you can explain to them about how water is made. And is it h2o, right? Is that water is that how water is made? h2o? Yes. 02:49 Two molecule of hydrogen, one molecule of oxygen, and they come together, you get h2o. 02:57 So or you can give them a glass of water to drink. And when they drink the water, they're no longer thirsty, they can read all the analysis about water, but he won't do it. So I feel the same thing about the human heart, you know, you can talk about it, you can preach about it, you can write about it. The human heart needs wants, needs caring, needs loving, and needs guidance. Because I feel as human beings, we have wavered away from our heart. Because we don't trust it or before, you know, we think it's weak. And I'm not talking about the emotional heart because the emotional heart, you know, gets bumpy. You know, up and down. I'm talking about being anchored in your spiritual heart. And that spiritual heart is an energy field. It's something that I feel, in my understanding, and in my consciousness, that the universal love, that is the consciousness. To me, God is love. God is love. And that's what I discovered. And that's what I, I speak about. That's what I write about, as you know, and it's, it's so beautiful when you experience the love from one human being to another, you know, and I think, you know, mothers have it for their children fathers have it for the children, we hope, you know, other than a few cases where the parents don't know how to love but that's a whole other story. So you know, I think it's just very important to when we talk about spirituality, to me is talk about love, talk about your heart. 04:58 What are relatable and I'll Do you have used for water? You also spoke about your mother on In several instances in your book. And we are going to dig deeper into your book speaking with spirit 52 prayers to guide inspire and uplift you. On several occasions, you have spoken about your model. On several platforms, you have spoken about the impact of your parents. Yes, your life. Yeah, in one of the interviews that I was listening to that you had with Deepak Chopra, you said that I am the byproduct of amazing parents. Yes. Yes. Just curious. What does that mean? And why do you say so? 05:43 Well, I think all of us carry the genetics of our parents, but the way we are raised really Gaurav shaped our life. I mean, there's no question about it, if you want to find out who somebody is, before, what they do, where they leave, what nationality they are, you can sit in front of them and say, Tell me about your mother. Tell me about your father, how were you raised and people will tell you, and they'll give you their patterns, you know. And I think the way we are raised is really puts a stamp on who we become, now we can let go of patterns, we can actually evolve from it, but we cannot disregard the power of what our parents I mean, I know. There are children who said to me, my father died when I was five. So then, then, you know, I say, Who was your role model is as a man as a father figure. And well, I didn't have any, so then that takes a whole other category of how do you shape your life without a father figure or without a mother figure? Now I was very blessed that my parents were extraordinary in terms of their courage and the way they lived and survived the Second World War. But what they gave me is what I call a Greek chutzpah, you know, they gave my father used to say, life is like a horse, you ride it, and you hold it by the mane, and you then you lead it. Now, how amazing is that I was eight or nine when I heard that. My mother said to me, when I asked her and I written about this in my book and binding the heart, Greek wisdom, generosity, and unconditional love, I wrote stories and stories of my mother of how she raised me and Arianna. And I remember she saying, when I asked him, mommy, Are we rich, because my father had a lot of wealthy friends and who used to pick him up with their Jaguars to take him to the races because my father loved to go to the races. And we didn't have a car. And we didn't have such a big home, in Athens, Greece, where I was raised. And my mother sat me down, and I was nine years old. And I have this chapter in the book on binding the heart. That is extraordinary what she said to me that there is a difference between rich and wealthy and we are wealthy. We might not have much money as your father's friends have. But we have education, and we have caring, and what we have we share, and we have a visions of what you and Ariana are going to do in your lives. And I feel education is more important than money. And she just educated me about in manage, she said, you can always go make money. But you can make money but not be wealthy. And she used to call it the poverty of wealth. Can you believe it? Wow, the poverty of wealth, richness like that people could be very rich, but they could very poor. They could have a lot of money in the bank. But they lacked in generosity. They're lacking education, lacking humanity. To her the wealth was humanity. That was the spirituality of humanity. Does that make sense? 09:42 Or it doesn't make 200% sense. Interestingly, as I'm just listening to you when you said that somebody has lost his father at the age of five. In my mind, I was just trying to understand what was the impact he would have received by having a father for five views and then not having a father figure as well after that. And a few days back, I met a friend of mine, he lost his father in a air crash accident when he was four, he lost his mother when he was 20. In a fire accident. And my mind, I'm just trying to understand the impact the parents could have on an individual's growth and development. You also spoke about genetics. And even if that person lost his father at the age of three or five, what you were talking to you were talking about this still the impact of genetics that would have assisted him to become the person that he would have become. 10:42 Absolutely, absolutely. You know, I tell you a funny story. My mother, at least as you know, Boulos who was just, oh my god, Gaurav, she was just an extraordinary, extraordinary human being extraordinary spirit, her. I never get tired of talking to her. Because whenever I talk of her, I get her vastness, ability to function in life, beyond adversities, to have the ability to connect with everyone. And she would just connect in the most visceral way, she would say to the person, darling, I am talking to you and you're not really present, you are thinking of so many other things. So go do the other things. And when you're present, come back to me come back to me. But how amazing she just met someone and she would say that to them. Now I cringe and I would go, Oh, my God, she embarrasses me. But my mother could not care less about what people thought of her. 11:45 But I think these are the lessons that you can learn from your mother, for example, in my case, I have learned the importance of gratitude. I use the word Shukarana very, very often. I think that's what I've learned from her. How could one be in service of others? How could one serve others? How could one live and leave this body with dignity? I think that's what I've learned from my mother. And I never use the word she was I tell I tell the world. She is very generous. She is full of gratitude. She is she lives and left her body with dignity. 12:24 Yes, yes. Yes. Now completely. I mean, I am. I am doing a course for a wonderful organisation called Mind Valley. I don't know if you know them. Mindvalley vision, the organiser, and we have a whole chapter about overcoming loss. And and you just said the key word you said she left her body. And I said, you know, I want to show people and that people die. But they don't die. Yeah, they don't die. I mean, I know physical reality is extraordinary. And so grabs us, but my fear my mother's presence right now that I'm talking to you. Because she lives in me. And we are of spirit. We are of we are not of Matter and honestly Gaurav the reason why I have such passion speaking about this book, you know, the speaking with spirit, and I wrote this book during the pandemic, when I was pretty devastated with a lockdown because you know, I'm in a complete another extrovert. And I'm a Greek extrovert, which makes me triple extrovert. I love being with people I love. I love breaking bread, having a meal gatherings. And I thrive on that. And suddenly, you know, there was nothing in the lockdown. It was devastating for everyone unless you are a complete introvert and you just like being at your home for the rest of your life. And not seeing anyone. But um, I felt like this book was really given to me. And people said, Oh, my God, where did you find the prayers and I said, the prayers were given to me by spirit, as I would walk up and down my beautiful street in LA and not being able to see my friends and being so tired of doing zooms in zooms and not having that physical contact. I wrote about loneliness. I wrote about fear, I wrote about how to overcome loss, I wrote about the human condition and how the spirit comes to us Gaurav of every moment. Why does it come to us every moment? Because it's breathing us. We don't have to go to the Himalayas. We don't have to go to retreats. We don't have to go to we can be In the busy street of New York, and stop and say, All right, right now, who is breathing me? And come back, even right now, as people are listening to you and me, come back to your breath, put your hand in your heart, and take a deep breath. And you go, Oh my God, I am alive. I'm alive. Because it's really. go ahead. 15:24 I just love it when you said that it is breathing me. It's not that I am breathing my spirit. My spirit is breathing me. Yeah, I just love it. 15:34 Exactly. And Rumi says, Let yourself be breathed. Let yourself be breathed. So I want to ask, right now that, you know I want to read a little blessing from my book, it's called a short blessing for you. So what were wish for human beings, I wish that the suffering that we go through, can be dispersed because the Spirit can come in in the middle of our suffering, and caresses beyond the body, the spirit can come in and whisper to us. But we need to stop and seize the rumination of the mind, the worry, the anxiety, the future, anticipation, oh my God, what's going to happen about this, and we human beings have so much worry, Gaurav, and so much anxiety and depression that are going on within our planet of the suffering that people are going through. First of all, for us who have found the truth, and have found you know, the intelligence of the Spirit, we have a responsibility to spread it. So may you know you're blessed. May you know your love. May you walk in peace. May you let yourself be led by the one who knows the way may you sing your song? May you know your value beyond this world. May you alter the words of your unspoken truth? May you dare say no to that which is not for you. May you dare say yes. When you hear the calling? May you care for yourself like you care for others. May you grieve your losses and rejoice in your new discoveries. May you write your story. May you share your wisdom. May you know the Art of Letting Go and the art of knowing what belongs to you and what belongs to ours. May you know your centre and come to it every day, and build your home. And build your house there so that it never shakes or feels the quakes of life. May you walk in peace and see the view from all perspectives. And let the wind touch your spirit and carry it into the world. May you know your heart, its beauty, and its vastness. May you know yourself, and God's immensity in you. And that, to me sums it all. You know, 18:37 Its like going back home, 18:39 it’s coming back home. Exactly. Thank you. Thank you for saying that I actually have a poem that I wrote called coming home to yourself. And I say moving with you. That's the point moving with you. 18:55 You know Agapi, I’m so much loving this conversation. I've got so many questions. What first question which is coming to me- Why do we suffer? Second one is you spoke about knowing your truth. How do you define truth? And before that before these two questions, I have another question. I was listening to one of your talks that you were delivering on a huge platform where you had around 1000 women leaders sitting in front of you and you said life did not give me career. Life did not give me money. Life did not give me the man of my life. The man that I wanted and yet I chose to live. Tell me about that. On one hand, you're talking about coming back home. 19:45 Oh, I didn't used to live in that. I kept choosing me. I kept choosing me without the things that I thought would validate me and recognise me. So that's the key to Life is like when life wasn't not life, the world because life was giving me what I wanted. Life was giving me life. But then so many conditions to it. Like I can't be happy without the man of my dreams. Be happy without being a successful actress. I can't be happy without making my projects happen. I can't be happy without being recognised for my talent. Well. The world was said, No, we're not gonna demand that we give you the career. We're not going to give you the recognition go find Agapi. So I went I embarked into you know, how Columbus went to discover America, I went to discover Agapi. So I went and found Agapi and, hallelujah, America, America, Agapi, Agapi, I found me and I, what did I find? I found that in my heart, in the loving heart of Agapi lived an wonderful human being, that I had a responsibility to honour to respect to love her, to get to know her, get to know her, that's what I speak, at every conference I spoke, get to know you, because you are the tapestry of who you are, the combination of who you are is unique. There is no other Gaurav, there is no other Agapi, there is no other, whoever is listening to us, there is no one like you. So you have a responsibility to this human being, and to this human-divine being. And the reason we suffer is because we disconnect from feeling connected. We are always connected. But we need to stop the insanity in our heads of all the things we, I mean, listen, listen, Gaurav, if if you say to me Agapi, how can these refugees from Ukraine who are displaced, who've lost husbands fathers? Who are seeing their country be destroyed, be happy? I don't have an answer to that. I really don't. Because I think that is suffering to me. But I know that in the midst of all that, the spirit didn't leave them. And this spirit never leaves us, because we will be dead. And when we're dead, the spirit still doesn't leave us because it lives in our souls. Now, how do you go from your suffering to your soul? How do you go from your? I mean, we have suffering that my girlfriend of mine calls it the luxury that the luxury what'd she call it? Luxury problems. Luxury elevator in my building was not working today. As you know, I called you and I said, I'm running late. Because the elevator is not working. I'm waiting for the elevator so I can get to the office. Now, what is a luxury problem? I could very well do the podcast from my home. And it's an elevator, which means I have a home. I have food, I have a home, I have a family love. I have a book that I'm promoting right now with a message of love and spirit. I have a wonderful host like you who said Agapi I want you on my podcast. These are incredible gifts of life. So if I can even go on a bitch about the elevator not working and it's not gonna be upset my day. That is a luxury problem. If I go for a meal, and that when my food is late, in a restaurant, that is a luxury problem. If a meeting is cancelled, if a project doesn't happen, that is a luxury problem. Do you understand what I'm saying? Right? Absolutely. 24:00 Absolutely. You know, while I was listening to and you did, responded to my question, why do we suffer? And were you spoke about separateness, you also spoke about how we all are interconnected. How we are connected with the source. You spoke about something so beautiful when you were talking about. It reminded me of I was listening to Rama Das. And Rama das said that there's so much of suffering all around us. There's so much happening all around us. somebody's home must be on fire. Countries are fighting with each other. And you will never get to know that why it's happening because you can't see the larger space. You don't know the larger context of where you are living in. And when you don't know that. If you try and understand that, of course you're going to suffer. So instead, you could be in silence and you can witness and you can witness what's happening and focus on things which are working on. And that's exactly what you spoke about. You know, Agapi in your book, speaking with spirit 52, prayers to guide, inspire and uplift you. In chapter 25, you spoke about how you are bigger than your fear. Yes, I would love to understand any of your experiences where you experienced yourself bigger than fear. 25:30 Well, you know, fear is like living in the basement of your building. We are a mansion. Okay? We are. We human beings have a spiritual aspect to ourselves. That is majestic. That is huge. That is free, that is filled with light. And how do I know that? Because I know. How do I know I'm a woman? You know, I know I'm a woman, you know, how do you know you're a man? How do I know I have five fingers? Hello? The same way? I know that not do I live in that all the time. No. But when you're in fear, you take this incredible being this expansion of consciousness, expanding consciousness. What I mean by that? How do you expand your consciousness right now think of the billions of planets, the stars, the sun, we're sitting here in your office in my office, but start to expand your consciousness. Not just the planet Earth, but all the other planets. Think of the moon, think of the Venus, think of Mars, think of the stars. Think of worlds without end. Think of inner worlds without end. And go there in your imagination. And you start to expand your consciousness. And now that you've expanded your consciousness, look at your fear. So what am I afraid of? Well, I'm afraid of dying. I'm afraid that I will disappear. There will come a day that I won't live on this earth to accommodate you on live on this earth. And we'll be gone. That's something that that I'm afraid of. But look at it, just look at it, that you look at your hand, look at it, and distance yourself from it. So when you take your fear and you become it, you put yourself on the base, when you've put yourself in a short, little strightjacket. For me, there were times when I was broke. I didn't have any money and fear who grabbed me. I was paralysed. And I would go, okay, how can I move through that? There were times where I didn't know what to do with my work. I didn't know how to. I was producing a one-woman show and I was so scared that things would work out. And I remember sitting in my kitchen, writing the script, or rehearsing the script, and thinking I'll forget my lines because it was a live show. And I remember a friend of mine, who was my guide at the time and a very wise spiritual counsellor said to me, why are you rehearsing things not going well? That's a habit. We all have, that things won't go. Well. Why aren't you rehearsing that things worked out great that a project succeeded. Now, in another chapter in my book. I have let me see. I think it's chapter 28. How when in workout I had to reframe them as success. Yeah. You know, I want to encourage people and say, you know, when things don't work, reframing failure to your advantage. And when things didn't work out what I thought success was to me, I remember my project. PBS didn't pick it up in all the stations, it really was not as successful as we thought. huge disappointment. I know all of you must have disappointments. I know that one listening to us. They have disappointments. So how do you move and I have a whole other chapter to this book. Move beyond your disappointment. You said the reason this podcast is called xMonks Drive has to do with a spiritual warrior, Correct? 29:30 Yeah, the warrior monk. Yeah, absolutely. 29:35 Now, I’m a spiritual warrior. You have to let go. 29:42 You have to let go of course because for as long as you are identifying yourself with anything or anyone. One is only going to suffer be it if I identify myself with my body. If I identify myself with my relationships with my accomplishments which what I do my name. And I think that's one of the sources of sufferings that we all have to be a witness to. Agapi the world that we are living in right now. There's so much of suffering all around. Since we are talking about fear and suffering, there's so much of loss that's happening. The wars are happening, the hopelessness, the uncertainty. We all are experiencing that and that to specialists to look in the last three years because of COVID. What's your take on that? You know, since you are talking about prayers in your book, how can a prayer help an individual regain some of the balance and trust on self, other's life, world, humanity? 30:55 Well, I think, very simply, to me, prayer is the bridge between the two worlds of the spirit and the world of the human. You know, I say, Every morning you wake up, and on the right hand, you have your humanity, you have your angst, you have your problems, you have your story, you have your worries, your hammer, gonna make this happen. You have the world suffering that you take on, you have the concerns about your family, your children, your work, your finances, it's all there on your right hand. On your left hand, you have your divine condition, which is unconditional, you have loving, you have presence, you have intelligence, you have 36 trillion cells that are making you have an intelligent consciousness that is making you that is making the blood pump the heartbeat, the brain function, that is a miracle of life. So you are walking, living a miracle of life. So you have that. But you have the other one. So what do you do you pray. And the prayer is how you then partner with a divine where you merge the humaneness to the Divine, where you then walk with God as your partner, and your day is transformed. And your life is transformed. And you can do it 24/7. If you do it in the morning, do it again in at lunchtime and do it again in the afternoon. And how you do it is you close your eyes, I like to close my eyes because then I disconnect from the world. I take a deep breath, you can do that with me. You exhale and you say I'm here. I'm here in my humaneness. I am right now feeling uncertain, insecure, and feeling unworthy, and feeling not knowing how to do this next thing I have to do. I'm seeing the suffering someone in my life is suffering. Help me assist me to now move into the presence helped me see that that presence is the I am and I move myself to that I am balanced and I am peaceful. And I am worthy. And I am enough. And I am the solution to my problems. And I am the peacemaker and I am the giver and I am the server and I am love. And I am blessed and helped me see that and receive and I am opening my heart to receive and I am forgiving, I am forgiving. I am forgiving my inadequacies. I am forgiving, my less than feelings I am forgiving my jealousies, my comparisons, my hurts, and I open my heart to receive and be guided. And if I'm guided to speak, I speak and if I'm guided to laugh, I laugh. And if I'm guided to reach out to someone I just out of the blue I just do that. My life is a gift. My life is a playground and I use my life, to be happy, to be expansive to contribute to love and support. And I use my life to lift myself to become more aware of the divine in me. Okay. And now I'm going to have an amazing day, and tell my mind to be quiet, and settle my emotions, and live from that spiritual beingness that lives in me and be happy. 35:29 So speechless. 35:33 It was like, probably a minute and a half right? Or two minutes, I don't know. But that's how we pray, I pray. And that's why I wrote these prayers in this book, which I encourage everybody to get, and to read, because this was the template, you know. And I find the courage to move past my fear, knowing that the mighty spirit that lives in me is so much bigger than my fear. Show me how to transform my fear into trust, and my insecurity into confidence. Show me how to transform my scared voice into my sacred voice. Let me walk this path, step by step, holding your invisible hand, hearing the inner guidance in me and although I might not feel it fully, or comprehend it, I am willing to let my higher power take the lead. This is a hair on fear, page 161. So I encourage everybody to read this book and his prayers because they were given to me by and they have the power of the Spirit. Now, this is Agapi’s words, this is Agapi but it's the template. It's a term, and then you take it and you write your own prayers and wanted to write your own prayers. Make it up. Make it up. You know, we are too wrapped up in all people say to me, I feel awkward praying. I mean, not listening Indian culture. You pray all the time, don't you? 37:11 Yeah, even as I'm just listening to you, and there are words that resonated with me at the core level, especially when you said, accepting. I am here in my humaneness in my mind, I was wondering, I am here in my humaneness with all my imperfections and accepting myself embracing myself bring to the superpower be it nature, universe, or God. You know, agapi, I've come across so many people who pray for the sake of praying without embodying that. Yeah, what's your what's, what's your advice to them? How can one 37:58 No, you can’t make prayer automatic, it's not you can't go on automatic. You know, like, you can't just push a button and you do it over and over again in your head without, you got to bring your presence you got to bring your heart, you got to wake up your heart. It's when love when you're in love with somebody, you know, you don't go on automatic you're with this person and you feel alive and you feel happy. And they walk in and you're in love. It's the same thing with the inner lover. That's your spirit. Now, how do you get that you just keep on asking you keep on affirming it, but you keep asking. And as I said, you, you said it so beautifully. You become silent. I mean, the words don't matter. It's the energy behind the words. Am I with me? Are you with me? Absolutely. Yes. Absolutely. Behind the words, when you say to someone, you know, I mean, you know, when you say to somebody, I love you. And it's true. You can lift them up to the heavens. 39:13 With you on that, and I believe we all have our own prayers. For me, it's Shukrana and for me it's gratitude. That's beautiful. That's what I was talking to a friend of mine I think when I would die the only word that I would want to be written on my epitaph would be Shukrana. And below that it would be written ki yaar maza aa gya. I just loved living this life. So Agapi. Thank you so much. I think I just am reading I'm halfway reading this book called speaking with spirit 52 prayers to guide inspire and uplift you and I would strongly recommend everyone listening to this podcast. Watching this podcast, please go and pick up this book speaking with spirit 50 Do prayers to guide inspire, uplift you, and I promise you, you will find immense value in that. Because we all have our own prayers and prayer is a way to communicate with the universe. So beautiful. It's a way to connect with your deepest self. As Agapi said, Knowing your truth. And if that's not the purpose of living, then what else is agape, thank you so much for being such a wonderful guest. Much respect to you, you have 40:35 really blessed my life at the moment, and you blessed me with your gratitude and your incredible. I'm in nobility of space that you provide with your podcast, and I've heard many of your podcasts with other speakers and authors and thinkers. And you really bring an honouring to every human being that you speak with I can, I have felt that and you bring such an incredible space of allowing that person to unfold and be without interrupting your agenda without, you know, having this feeling that, oh, let's get on with the next question. You really allow your speakers and your thinkers to become who they are. And I really feel the depths of your gratitude and the depths of who you are. And you said it so beautifully. Prayer is the way to communicate with your deeper self. Actually, I'm gonna quote you on that, because I really love it. Prayer is that deeper communication to your deeper self, and, you know, to your truth, and I encourage everyone to write your prayers, speak your prayers. And if you get this book, send me an email, I'm gonna give people my email, And I will send you some of my guided meditations from my book before that wake up to the joy of you that I have an audio the book is also an audio. And you can hear me reading the prayers. And that's also very wonderful because I feel our voices carry the sound current. And you can follow me on Instagram, agape C's and Facebook, of course. And also you can look at my website, wake up to the joy and be blessed. Be happy and be giving and be of service to yourself to the spirit in you to the spirit in everyone. And that's why I love the phrase Namaste, which means the Spirit in me recognises the spirit in you, right? 43:07 Absolutely. Namaste bows down to the spirit in you. Much respect. And thank you. 43:15 Thank you so much, Gaurav.

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