The Code to Building Your Vision And Staying Inspired

The Code to Building Your Vision And Staying Inspired

The Closed Loop of Imagination-Inspiration

“Imagination fits our vision and fits our inspiration. And so, more inspiration fits out more of our imagination. That is like a closed loop which goes on and on and on.”  

The great thing about imagination inspired creativity is how infinite it is. You will get more of it the more you use it.

Since every plan begins with a picture, imagination is essential for success. This may be a mental image of what you want to make a reality, a vision, a desire, or a possibility. Your blueprint, compass, and map for exploring the future is your imagination.

We can interact with our subconscious mind and construct constructive mental imagery using imagination. If we believe our dreams will come true, we can work harder to make them a reality.

In today’s world, you must be innovative and inventive if you want to be super-successful. You’ll have to come up with your own creative assets. When you were a child, you were incredibly imaginative and inventive. 

“You need to restore your creative inner girl. To do so, begin with new exercises and prompts that you can use in your everyday life.”

The most important success factor is imagination.

In this day and age, creativity has become one of the most significant performance and happiness factors.

You can use imagination to enter rich worlds of possibility, dream about our lives, imagine new things, build new ideas, and share our stories with the rest of the world.

Acting like children, being foolish and curious, letting go, having fun, messing stuff up, breaking out of ruts, and inventing new ways of thinking are all possible with creativity. This behaviour will improve and allow us to generate new ideas on a regular basis.

The Myth of Motivation 

Dr. Oleg next talked about how he does not equate motivation to inspiration. Here is an excerpt from the podcast. 

Motivation is something very short term. You can be motivated well to do something. But motivation doesn’t define your effort. It doesn’t define your commitment. But when you really inspire it, you believe you’re putting your skin into the game. You’re putting your whole soul not just a one minute energy, you or a little push, you putting yourself completely into that sink that’s you are really inspired to do and motivation doesn’t work as a magnet for others because it’s purely yours. But inspiration is a magnet for us, because it spreads around in a really really magical way. Because people see your passion and they become passionate. It is exceptionally important because think for a moment.

Everyone, almost everyone on this planet is very good at promises. 

One of the questions which I am in weaving into a conversation, I am not just like, straight into my head, when I am interviewing, I do believe in something. And if, if you believe in what you believe, it’s not about religious things. I need to see that somebody believes in something greater than himself or herself. Because if people don’t believe in anything, except that they’re purely egocentric, ego is okay. We are all humans. Nothing wrong with that, you know, but it’s a matter of how you could control it if you believe in something greater than you. Right? Only keep your ego under control.

The Code to Build Vision 

The conversation stumbled upon the idea behind his book “The Vision Code”. 

Isn’t that interesting that there is a code to vision? Here’s what he said when asked what the book is based on.

“If you want to create something using vision, you must know what it is.

How is it structured? What’s nature, how to make it accessible to, for everyone? Yeah, for at least xos courageous enough to have a vision. Because to have a vision is a strong decision to live differently and to work differently. It’s like a vacation that you’re making for the future, of course, because that’s the way I’m defined. I want to have my vision because it would define my highest purpose, it will define who, my why, how I’m creating my future, what kind of future it will be, you know, the future will come anyway, tomorrow, it would be another day, he would know that. But how satisfactory it will be depends on our vision. Because our vision defines it. And also, our vision defines our evolution as a human morality, because this is how our thinking defines where we’re going to be.”

His upcoming book is a mine of philosophies for staying inspired and not being afraid of living and working for your vision.

About the Speaker: Dr. Oleg

Dr.Oleg Konovalov is best known as the “da Vinci of Visionary Leadership” by many leading authorities. Dr. Oleg Konovalov helps companies to create and execute their vision, diagnose and treat organizational diseases, maintain a strong productive corporate culture, and achieve superior business performance. Dr. Oleg is the author of LEADEROLOGY, CORPORATE SUPERPOWER, ORGANISATIONAL ANATOMY, and HIDDEN RUSSIA. His latest book, THE VISION CODE is expected to be published by Wiley.

He sees every organization as unique and strongly believes that most of his clients’ problems can be solved by shifting patterned paradigms and applying tailor-made solutions. He is on the Thinkers50 Radar, Global Gurus Top 30 in Leadership, has been recognized as #1 Global Thought Leader on Culture by Thinkers 360, and is #1 Global Leading Coach (Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50).

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